Amabile liedjeslijst

160Barbie Girl160-Barbie Girl_SATB

A + piano


B + piano



S + piano


T + piano

158Believer158 Believer
157California dreaming157 california-dreamin
156Jeanny156-Jeanny Compact SATB
155The seal Lullaby155-The-Seal-Lullaby-SATB-with-Piano-Accompaniment-pdf

156-Jeanny Compact SATB
154Love shine a light154-Love shine a light
153I fail
152Dromen zijn bedrog152-Dromen zijn bedrog - versie 20230123-Koor
151Singing all together151 singing all together
150The Rhythm of Life150 The Rhythm of Life (4 lijnen)

150 The Rhythm of Life (4 lijnen + piano)
149Sing & Swing149 Sing and Swing
148Si njay njay
147When you believe
146Hamba Lulu146 - Hamba Lulu
145Count on me145 Count-on-Me
144Heal the world144 Heal_the_world

Het geluidsfragment staat op deze webpagina:
143Make a joyful noice143 Make a Joyful Noise
142Ask me to sing142 Ask me to sing (4 lijnen)

142 Ask me to sing (4 lijnen + piano)
141Evening Rise141 Evening-Rise
139More than a feeling139 More than a feeling

138Pompeii138 - Pompeii
137See you again137 - See you again
136Handclap136 - Handclap
135A million dreams135 A Million Dreams (4 lijnen)
135 - A million dreams
koor, sopraan, alt, tenor, bas

134Moonlight Shadow134 - Moonlight shadow
133Only you133 - Only you
132I don't know how to love him132 - I don't know how to love him
131Fame131 Fame (4 lijnen)

131 Fame (4 lijnen + piano)
130El hymno de la paz
129Can't help falling in love129 - Can't help falling in love
128River (The Mission)128 - River (The Mission)
127Orinoco Flow127 Orinoco Flow (4 lijnen)

127 Orinoco Flow (4 lijnen + piano)
126Tourdion126 Tourdion (4 lijnen)

125Beautiful Day125 - Beautiful Day
124Twee meisjes124 Twee meisjes
123When I get older (F81)123 - When I get older (F81)
122Your Shining Eyes 122 Your shining eyes (4 lijnen)
121Beautiful Dreamer121 - Beautiful Dreamer
120Siyahamba120 - Siyahamba
119Lullaby my sweet baby119 - Lullaby my sweet baby
118All of me118 - All of me
117Hello117 - Hello
116Africa116 Africa (4 lijnen - piano)Africa by Toto

Africa 4-lijnen-piano-Tenor








115My Way115 - My way
114She was beautiful114 - She was beautiful
113Sanomi113 - Sanomi
112Day-O112 - Day-O
111Annelies111 - Annelies uit Sas van Gent
110Memory110 - Memory
109Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht109 - Mamor, Stein und Eisen bricht
108Oh! Susanna108 - Oh! Susanna
107 Ain't no mountain high enough107 Ain't no mountain high enough (4 lijnen)

107 Ain't no mountain high enough (4 lijnen + piano)
106Sixteen tons106 - Sixteen tons
105S.O.S.105 - S.O.S
104Money, money, money104 - Money, money, money
103Fly me to the moon103 - Fly me to the moon
102You raise me up102 - You raise me up (sabt)
101What a wonderful world101 - What a wonderful word
100Can't buy me love100 - Can't buy me love
099Suzanne099 - Suzanne
098Moon river098 - Moon River
097Perhaps love097 - Perhaps love
096The Sound of Silence096 - Sound of Silence
095The Entertainer095 - The Entertainer
094Hush, my dear
093Abendlied093 - Abendlied
092In darkest night092 - In darkest night
091Lieb Nachtigall091 - Lieb Nachtigall, wach auf
090Deep River090 - Deep river
089Early one morning089 - Early one morning
088A groovy kind of love088 - A groovy kind of love
087The Tailor and the mouse087 - The tailor and the mouse
086Chanson d' automne086 - Chanson d' automne
085The Curfew085 - The Curfew
084Jamaica Farewell084 - Jamaica Farewell
083The longest time083 - The longest time
082Twist and shout082 - Twist and shout
081I'll be there081 - I 'll be there
080Bright eyes080 - Bright eyes
079Sunrise, Sunset079 - Sunrise, Sunset
078Lollipop078 Lollipop
077Blackbird077 - Blackbird
076Joke076 - Joke
075Lucky Lips075 - Lucky lips
074Can you feel the love tonight074 - Can you feel the love tonight
073Girls, girls, girls073 - Girls, girls, girls
072Shenandoah072 - Shenandoah
071Autumn leaves071 - Autumn leaves
070Quant j'ay ouy le tabourin070 - Quant j'ay ouy le tambourin
069Sakura069 - Sakura
068Dana Dana068 - Dana Dana
067Riders on the storm067 - Riders on the storm
066Danny Boy066 - Danny boy
065Mas que nada065 - Mas que nada
064Sourwood mountain064 - Sourwood mountain
063A whiter shade of pale063 - A whiter shade of pale
062Old McDonald had a farm062 - Old McDonald had a farm
061Dream a little dream of me061 - Dream a little dream old
060Blue Moon060 - Blue Moon
059L' Orange059 - L' Orange
058I get around058 - I get around
057You'll never walk alone057 - You 'll never walk alone
056Vierhoog in de wolken056 - Vierhoog in de wolken
055Die sweep het geklap055 - Die sweep het geklap
054Die vaalrivier vlei054 - Die vaalrivier vlei
053Scarborough Fair053 - Scarborough Fair
052I love my love052 - I love my love
051This little light of mine051 - This little light
050Sing a cappella
049The Muppet show theme049 - The Muppet show theme
048Rumba Dreams048 - Rumba dreams
047Riverdance047 - Riverdance
046Loch Lomond046 - Loch Lomand
045Ding-a-dong045 Ding-a-dong (koor)
044You are the new day044 - You are the new day
043In the Lord
042Looft de Heer
041Sur le pont d'Avignon041 - Sur le pont d' Avignon
040Hit the road Jack040 - Hit the road Jack
039Morning has broken039 - Morning has broken
038In het woud038 - In het woud
037Das Orchester
036Thank you for the music036 Thank you for the music
035Top of the world035 - Top of the world
034Music034 - Music
033An Irish Blessing033 - An Irish blessing
032He is mine032 - Me is mine
031Moment for Morricone
030Tequila Samba030 - Tequila Sambakoor, sopraan, alt, tenor, bas
029Short People029 - Short people
027Suite nr 2 Bourré - Bach027 - Suite nr 2 Bourré - Bach
026The Ash Grove
025C'est la belle Françoise
024Tristeza024 - Tristeza
022Edelweiss022 - Edelweiss
021I believe in springtime021 - I believe in springtime
020Pieter Breugel den Ouwe020 - Pieter Breugel den Ouwe
019Vier weverkens019 - Vier weverkens
018Je ne fus jamais si aise018 - Je ne fus jamais se aise
017The lion sleeps tonight017 - The lion sleeps tonight
016Je ne lose dire016 - Je ne l' ose dire
015Konnichiwa, aka-chan!015 - Konnichiwa, aka-chan
014I know de Lord014 - I know the Lord
013Dongi Dongi013 - Dongi Dongi
012Alleluia - Laudate Pueri
011Let's twist again011 - Let 's twist again
010Java jive010 - Java Jive
009Quelle est cette odeur agréable009 - Quelle est cette odeur agréable
008Summer Ruf
007Blow, blow, thou winter wind007 - Blow, blow, thou winter wind
006Jungfrau, dein schön Gestalt006 - Jungfrau, dein schon Gestalt
005April is in my mistress face005 - April is in my mistress face
004A la claire fontaine004 - A la claire fontaine
003Patapan003 - Patapan
002Il est bel et bon002 - Il est bel et bon
001Drink to me only001 - Drink to me only